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I discovered my love of voice acting when my father let me play with his Craig 212 reel-to-reel tape recorder (the same model that self-destructed in 5 seconds at the beginning of Mission: Impossible). My friends and I produced audio dramas from my childhood bedroom.

By the time I got to high school, radio was my dream job; it combined my interest in technology with the opportunity to entertain and inform. I worked as a news reporter and DJ at stations in Sacramento, CA and Portland, OR.

I am, however, addicted to groceries. :) To feed that addiction, I studied computer science and became a software developer.

Eventually I transitioned to technical training. Like radio, it satisfies my inner geek while letting me perform for an audience.

I love helping students learn practical skills while making it fun and interesting. Besides teaching live classes, I also produce explainer videos and e-learning courses (with narration!).

Now I’ve come full circle: after training with some of the best in the voiceover industry, I look forward to bringing my brand of approachable nerdiness to your next project.